I’m digging through my pile of New York Times issues that contain crazy errors, and this one came up to the top: February 25, 2008, p. B1, front page of the “The Arts” section has a screaming headline: “‘Old Country for Old Men’ Wins Oscar Tug of War.'”

Of course, this can’t possibly be. I recall reading this, circling it and putting it aside because it was so egregious, I felt they must be perpetrating some convoluted parody, and since I hadn’t seen the movie, thought I’d check it again later.

Well, later was today, and I went to the Times website to see if I was seeing things. The headline in the online edition was correct: “‘No Country for Old Men’ Wins Oscar Tug of War” was the wording here. Whoa. They really did make an error that big! Surely they couldn’t sweep this under the rug. I scrolled to the bottom of the page, and sure enough, there it was–

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:
Correction: February 26, 2008
A headline in some editions of The Arts on Monday with an article about the Academy Awards ceremony misstated, in some copies, the title of the film that won best picture. It is, of course, “No Country for Old Men,” not “Old Country for Old Men.”

Holy Crap. I’m just an amateur here. This was huge. I am speechless. Devoid of words. Silent.

Let’s remember the theme of this blog: “The Dumbing of America.” How can we expect 3rd graders to read and write when the standard-bearer of the Fourth Estate can’t? Wow.

I can say no more.

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