Ever watch Shark Tank? I kind of like it, despite the obnoxious sharks. I happened to notice some of the strange fashions they wear. For example, Lori Grenier wears dresses that outline her boobs. The color pattern outlines the bottom of her breasts for some reason. She has dozens of dresses that have this pattern and I can’t figure out why she feels the need to put her breasts in everybody’s face. We get it; you have a good figure. But you also have some personal dignity, yes? Even though she does sell some tacky items on TV, I don’t think she is a tacky person. She seems like a decent, intelligent person with a strong  business sense and she seems to do very well. So why dress like a daytime stripper? Just wondering.

And what about this criss-cross look?  It looks like she’s wearing her bra on the outside.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And then, there are the fake-figure dresses.  The idea is that if you paint a slim figure on your dress in two-tone colors, no one will notice that you are chubby. Not to say Lori is chubby, but I can imagine this on the heavier set.  BTW, from the waist up, it looks like a lobster bib… not a sexy look!