Hmm… it’s been awhile

Guess I haven’t been blogging lately.  I’ve been busy with my fledgling web design business so I haven’t had time.  I think I got so tired of the whole lousy New York Times business that I needed a breather, too.  The thing is still going downhill, everyone’s attacking Obama anyway, it’s gray and cloudy out and for some reason I’m in NJ instead of LA.  Big difference, by the way.

I have a dream — a dream to create a new blog about Maltodextrin, my latest enemy.  This stuff is in every food product you can imagine!  Talk about the downfall of society.  Everytime I eat something and feel groggy and stuffed-up, I look at the label, and sure enough, it’s my old pal Maltodextrin.

Friday Night

Here in New Jersey, I went to a restaurant in the town of Summit. I don’t know if it constituted a “date,” but it may have been a partial date. You’ll have to ask the young lady involved.

This is not a picture of her, but rather the notorious Elia Kazan, who ratted out his friends during the Hollywood Blacklisting trials. He ruined many lives, yet some stars stood by his side, even until his recent death.

Back from East Coast

Newark Public LibraryYes, I was in New Jersey. Yes, I was in New York. Yes, I was in Delaware and even Maryland. And yes, it was humid as hell. But I got a chance to explore Newark, NJ and do some research for my book “Newark.” Hey, it’s not so scary…