Well, there it is–a great example of horribly ugly architecture. This one’s in Mexico, and completely ruins what looks like a lovely resort village on the Sea of Cortez. Words can’t describe this hideous parking garage-like structure. We can’t even attribute its brutal design to the ill-fated Brutalist movement of the 1950s. It’s just bad. I doubt there was an architect involved at all. If so, the person should bring in their shingle and keep it in a drawer somewhere. No more landscape spoilage for you. I wonder if the American developers of this place–Loreto Bay–are aware of the view. Have they considered tearing it down? I was all ready to retire to the charming Baja California town someday until I saw this image. Ouch.


  1. I agree. That piece is very ugly. It is not part of the Loreto Bay development. It is a small condo development that was there before the Loreto Bay Company moved in. The developers are of course delighted that our marketing efforts have served their little development well, but we are, needless to say, not overly pleased that such mediocre architecture must exist alongside our colonial spanish architecture in our villages.

  2. Yes, Loreto Bay is awesome! One of the best unspoiled places on the planet. There is a new management team in place. The team is made up of execs from Intrawest. They’ve developed some of the leading resorts in the world. A top notch group that will make amazing things happen in Loreto. They are committed to the original vision of an eco-friendly sustainable community.

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