One Day at Sworks

Work on my t-shirt store continues at CAFEPRESS.COM … will anyone appreciate these unique products? I’ve never sold anything before, except my soul, so I’m not sure how it will go. I think with enough pointless hours expended on the project, I should see some real results soon, or not soon. I decided that I like the work. It is soothing, calming, easy, and I feel productive. Perhaps money resides at the end of the soothing rainbow. It certainly is not usually found at the end of the stress-bow. I like cataloging things. It is boring which, not unlike Robert Venturi, I often prefer.

Work on the thriller script continues here at the Eagle Rock “coffee shop.” It’s really more like a synagogue, in the original Greek sense–a community center. It is here where Mr. Villaraigosa chose to be on the day after his election. Almost to the point of annoyance in fact. When will he leave, so we can get back to work? Never, I guess. Oh, well, he’s got my vote.

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