Bling-Bling Art World

What the hell?  Mike’s Art Review about Rouault at the Metropolitan in today’s New York Times (B1) says this about the man’s paintings —

The art has a sanctimony and sincerity that resonated after the war but came to seem dated in an art world besotted by American Pop and bling.

C’mon, man.  When exactly did this occur?  Sure, Pop Art changed things starting in the ’50’s, but so did lots of other art movements.  Abstract Expressionism.  Neorealism.  Bling02But “bling?”  I must’ve missed that one.  Hip-hop didn’t start until the ’80’s and use of the word “bling” is even more recent.  Perhaps when you throw out an absurd comment like that you could throw in a non-absurd example or two.  Are collectors buying images of musicians wearing giant rings and watches?  Or are collectors collecting the bling itself?  Or representations of the bling?  And what happened between the ’60’s and the ’80’s?  Did Pop meld right into “bling?”  I thought Pop referred to the kind of art, not the vantage point of the “art world.”  Help me out here, buddy, I mean we’re all under deadlines, but, “huh?”

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